Personal Goals

During this unit I hope to gain further insight into the general use of technology and be more confident in using it and having a better understanding of the use of it. I also hope to be able to recognise and implement within the classroom technology to further develop and explore information in different curriculum areas. Basically I hope to be able to, after this unit use it as an aid and innovative way to engage students further in curriculum areas.


Students can learn a great number of many skills through technology use within the classroom. I hope to be able to use the ideas learnt practically throughout this unit with my students as a graduate teacher, but also on future teaching rounds. I want to be a teacher in this day and age and not an “old school” teacher. I feel being confident and not afraid to use technology is my way of being able to do this. Technology has a way of further developing ideas. Students are interested in it, they are general engaged thoroughly with the topic if technology is involved – provided you use that technology in the best possible way, and not just for the sake of using it. I feel students can learn a lot from technology. They LOVE the hands on activities. Aural learning is not the learning style of most students, and therefore incorporating this into classrooms allows for those visual and hands on learners to be catered for. It also broadens their technology use from a young age, useful for in the future with our ever growing technological world. We didn’t have as much as they have as kids, and we have to acknowledge this and adapt to this for themI am hoping to be able to recognise what technology programs and ideas work, and have knowledge of the operational benefits and disadvantages of programs come across within the unit. In doing this, I hope to be able to create a resource bank and use different programs I have come across within this unit once I graduate.