Stop Motion Animation

Over the past few weeks the main focus has been the planning, writing, making and editing of our Stop-Motion Animations! This has been a great experience and has really opened up my eyes to a new kind of way for students to process information. It is a new idea for me to use in the future with kids and I can definitely see the benefits of using this animation with students in the classroom. I am always looking for different ways to engage students and interest and excite them on a particular topic and this idea had not crossed my mind before, nor had I had any idea how this concept might work.

I am very confident with this idea now, and know that students would thoroughly enjoy making this kind of video animation. They can use it as a new way to present information they have or are learning in a particular topic area at the same time having a lot of fun with it, using team work, information technology skills and will be writing a script most likely so this will come into account as well.

Below shows the processes we went through in order to construct our stop motion, which we made using images in photoshop mostly.


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