Wordle is a concept I had heard before prior to this unit, and had seen some already made Wordles but had never previously known how they were created or really looked into the benefits of them.

To make a wordle you only need a simple amount of skills such as knowing how to correctly spell the words, having basic typing skills and also you need to have knowledge of the reason for making the wordle. It would be silly to make a wordle for kids, or have kids create a wordle for reasons you are unsure of.

A wordle can be used in many ways for teaching. You could use it for word association, show off the weeks spelling words, what to remember for certain topics and for many other areas within the curriculum.

However, the wordle programers may not have considered a few things when designing the wordle such as

  • All the educational benefits, therefore with realising these could make improvements
  • If using the words at prep, it cuts out the frequently used words initially, which you may want to use in a wordle as an exciting way to display them. This can be a hassle to have to add back in.
  • Could be improved by more moderation of the uploaded wordles. Potentially have a education section.
  • Should have options to be able to change the shapes – could have topic words and shape them like the topic

The wordle is definitely a tool I will try and use in the future in the classrooms and I know through more and more use of it I will come to be aware of all the benefits it can bring to teachers, students and the classroom.


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