Final Thoughts

As I come to the end of participation in this unit I walk away with a depth and understanding about technology and how it can be used in classrooms that I certainly did not have prior to undertaking and learning about the materials, resources and discussions set for this class. I know I still have a lot that I can still learn, but it is definitely clear in my mind that I am much more confident in technology use for classrooms than I was at the beginning of March. I have a wide range of programs under my belt, and while some I did not get to play around with as much as I would have hoped, I have a name. This means that I now have enough content to go off and explore myself, and work out what works for me as an educator and to realise which of these I would most want to use with students (dependent on age level) that I teach.

I am very excited on undertaking the next part of my journey with the programs I now know well, the programs I would like to explore and most importantly now not being scared to search and discover brand new programs and realise how they might be used with students in the classroom. I feel technology is an integral part of teaching and education and can open up a huge range of opportunities and ideas for students. So, therefore, I feel it is an area within the curriculum that I wish to make sure I include thoroughly, and also ensure I incorporate technology into my teaching in the future as a teacher, and current practicums I am undertaking. We live in a highly technological world and this should be reflected within the classroom.


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